We may be the Big Apple, but we also grow a lot of a certain vegetable.

The Hudson Valley, and New York State, have tons of farms. Fruit farms, vegetable farms, dairy farms, all kinds. I don't know if it's a fact, but I would like to think that the Hudson Valley is the apple capital of the state. I'm probably wrong, please don't yell at me if I am. New York is definitely known for its apples though, but who would've thought were known for growing vegetables too?

Well, not just any vegetable, one in specific. According to Insider, New York State is known for growing cabbage. CABBAGE? I never would have guessed this. I honestly don't know what vegetable I would've guessed. Truly, I never consider cabbage in any kind of way. But we are a big cabbage state whether you think of it or not. Nearly 3.5 million cwt of cabbage, a.k.a. 3.5 million Hundredweight, were harvested in New York in 2017.

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