Broome County’s new infection rate from the coronavirus is in the triple-digits for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

getty images/ wildpixel
getty images/ wildpixel

The county October 23 reported 103 new infections and another death from COVID-19, bringing Broome’s death toll to 89, the latest victim: a man in his 70s. Broome County, to-date has had 3,060 cases of the coronavirus.

Broome County Executive Jason Garnar said in his media briefing October 23 that he agrees with the Governor’s statement that the county’s results in trying to curb the recent spike in cases is lackluster at best.  Still, he says, Broome is lucky the rate has stabilized and is not going up at the rate it had been when the flare-up broke out or it would have been a problem “of epic proportions.”

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The Democrat says his office is in ongoing contact with area hospitals, which are starting to express concerns about capacity if more COVID patients need to be admitted.

The Executive again pointed out that the newly diagnosed cases today could be people that become ill enough in upcoming days to require medical attention.

He says everyone needs to take seriously the actions to control the spread of the virus and to stay at home when possible, wear mask and maintain their distance from others.

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