Brett Eldredge says his once-famous dog Edgar is alive and well, but fans aren't likely to hear from him soon. The singer's best friend has retired from the spotlight.

After adopting Edgar in 2016, Eldredge made him a star on social media. Edgar Boogie even had his own Instagram page — a trend that wasn't quite as popular five years ago as it is today. Those photos and the @EdgarBoogie account have been deleted, leaving one to scour the "Gabrielle" singer's personal page for a glimpse of the Weimaraner mix. The last photos or videos of him came from Christmas 2018.

Talking to the Bobby Bones Show, Eldredge says he simply didn't want to share Edgar any longer. Fans started to ask for him, though, so he made appearances on stage and in his owner's music video for "Love Someone," wearing a doggy tuxedo in one memorable scene.

"I don't want to have an influencer dog anymore, I just want to spend time with him all the time," Eldredge says. "That’s why we ended up doing it."

The pair have had plenty of time with one another since March 2020 as — like all artists — Eldredge hasn't been able to tour. He did release his Sunday Drive album in 2020, a critically acclaimed project that featured the Top 40 single "Gabrielle."

Eldredge has also slowed down his engagement on social media over the last two years. On Twitter, he hasn't posted since Christmas, and on Instagram, fans have not heard from him since Dec. 30.

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