Brett Eldredge's "The Long Way" music video has arrived. Readers can press play to watch the romantic clip.

In his "The Long Way" video, Eldredge stars opposite Sadie Robertson, whom fans may recognize from the TV show Duck Dynasty. Her parents are Korie and Willie Robertson; her father is the current CEO of Duck Commander, the company founded by her grandfather Phil. The music video finds the two exploring the area Robertson's character is from -- a fairly literal depiction of the lyrics of "The Long Way."

"It really hit[s] below the surface, and asking them questions that they’re not used to being asked, and really getting to know that person," Eldredge says of "The Long Way." "I think [we live] in a world where we don’t do enough of that, have conversations, anymore. I feel like it’s not as much of a thing as [it was for] my grandparents or parents."

Eldredge wrote "The Long Way" with Matt Rogers. The song appears on Brett Eldredge, his newest album, released in August. The mid-tempo track finds the singer urging a love interest "Take me the long way around your town ... I want your red-blushing stories / Your faults and your glories / That made you who you are right now."

"It’s about getting to know somebody more than just on the surface, getting to know somebody deep down to their core," Eldredge says. "I think this song says don’t be afraid to have that conversation, don’t be afraid to get to know that person."

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