As fans, it's a pretty strange thing loving an artist or band with such intensity. Sometimes, it can be a little disappointing when we realize how much we love them when they don't even know who we are! Well, when one fan of Brad Paisley's put a video on YouTube, mentioning his love and admiration for Brad, his dream came true!

The young man, Blaze as he likes to be called, wrote a song for Brad called, "Brad Paisley," about how badly he wants to "jam with Brad Paisley" and posted it to YouTube. Lucky for Blaze, Brad found out about it and gave it a listen, only to find that Blaze has some major guitar skills! Brad tweeted at Blaze, inviting him to come to one of his shows and even play guitar with him during sound check!

We all know how generous Brad Paisley is, so it was so surprise when he called Blaze to stage at his show! They played a few songs, like Stevie Ray Vaughn's "Pride and Joy" and Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way," as well as Brad's original songs, "Alcohol" and "River Bank." How cool!

You can watch Blaze's original song below, as well as a clip from the concert!