Adam Wakefield is no stranger to showing off his country roots. The contestant on The Voice teamed up with coach Blake Shelton on Monday night (May 23) for a spirited cover of the Hank Williams Jr. and Waylon Jennings' classic duet "The Conversation."

On stage beside his coach and mentor, Wakefield traded vocals last night on the song while Shelton looked on approvingly throughout most of the performance. The two singers' voices fit impeccably together alongside fiddle accompaniment.

"The Conversation" was first showcased in 1979 on Williams' Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound album. In 1983, Waylon released the song as a single off his album Waylon and Company where it peaked at No. 15 on the country charts.

This isn't the first time Wakefield has showed off his prowess for classic country music. He has previously covered George Jones' "Tennessee Whiskey," which had both Adam Levine and Shelton fighting for the singer to join their teams early in the season. It also had the two coaches in a heated argument on the state of country music.

“The reason it took me longer to hit my button is ’cause Adam doesn’t realize that’s a George Jones song that Chris Stapleton covered and Chris Stapleton took the melody and changed it,” Shelton says. “I thought, ‘I gotta hear what this guy does with this chorus.’ By the way, country is not always about exactly what you sound like but it’s about what you want to represent with your music. It’s guys like you that get me so excited about the future of Nashville. Dude, you’re country. You’re freakin’ country.”

The winner of The Voice will be announced on Tuesday night (May 24).

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