44 Binghamton stars are moving and will find a new home.  I'm talking about the Binghamton Walk of Fame moving from its' current home on Washington Street. The walk has seen better days with the concrete deteriorating, the time to make the move is sooner than later.

Working downtown Binghamton for the past 28 years, I have seen many changes in the downtown landscape.  I remember 1989 when the Walk of Fame was put in outside the Metro Center.  Over the years, I have walked by it many times admiring some of the local names on the sidewalk including a few people I have worked with in local media and of course the legendary Rod Serling, who once called Binghamton his home and cartoonist Johnny Hart.

Mayor Rich David and Broome County Executive Debbie Preston announced that the Binghamton Walk of Fame will move to the Forum Theatre.  The move is starting immediately and should be completed in the coming months.