It's nice to see Binghamton recognized for something fun, even if the 'study' isn't exactly scientific. This finding actually came out in 2016 and the way the results were decided are pretty much as far from scientific as you can get, but you know what? We're going to take it. We're going to take it and hold on to it and be proud of it until another 'study' is released and we are (or aren't) knocked off the list. What is it? In a list of Halloween 'Candy Capitals' around the United States, Binghamton ranked second.

According to PR Newswire, Netflix claims that they were able to calculate where the most candy is given out on Halloween night by which households in each area pause the show they're watching on Netflix the most on October 31st. Basically, Netflix chalks up the pauses to people having to get up to answer the door and hand out treats to little ones.

Joining Binghamton on the list of the of hottest trick-or-treating spots are Tallahassee, Florida which had the highest number of Netflix pauses and Watertown, which came in third after Binghamton. Rounding out the top five are Lima, Ohio, and Hattiesburg-Laurel, Mississippi.

In a press release, Dr. Heathcliff Barr, Chief Candy Officer at Netflix, said, "More pauses mean more candy. It's really that simple."  "We love Halloween and hope that our tips help Americans either to scoop up as much candy as they possibly can or to enjoy their favorite scream-reel on Netflix without too many hair-raising interruptions."

Tired of having to pause Netflix to answer the door? Well, there's always this...

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