It's happened to the best of us. We've parked at a metered spot and thought we put in enough coins to cover the time we'd be parked there, only to return to our car and find a ticket. There's some good news if this has happened to you- the City of Binghamton's month long parking ticket amnesty is well underway.

During the month of September, the City of Binghamton will allow the total cost of any ticket issued prior to January 1, 2015, including any penalties and late fees, to be paid at 75% of the outstanding balance due. If you've got a ticket from this time period, this is an incredible deal you won't want to pass up, but you only have until September 30th to take advantage of it.

Mayor David says, "If there are those who refuse to take advantage of new programs to pay parking fines at a discounted rate, it will leave the City no choice but to booth their cars and publicize their names. With all the financial challenges facing the City, this money will go a long way.

In October, the City of Binghamton will publish the name of the individuals who still have outstanding parking tickets and the amount they owe. The City says they're working with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for permission to release this information. After the list of names and fines due is released, the City will be contracting with a collection agency to recover the funds.

If you think you can just skip out of paying fines to the City of Binghamton, think again. The City is also using booting devices which clam around a vehicle's wheel and prevents it from being moved. Any car registered to someone who has more than three unpaid tickets faces a good possibility of being booted.

As of August, there were 19,422 unpaid parking tickets owed to the City for a total of $1,024.065.

If you think that you might owe the City of Binghamton unpaid parking fines, but aren't sure, you can verify if you do by calling the City Treasurer's Office at 607-772-7027.