If you're a school teacher and looking for a new school in which to teach, you might want to seriously consider looking at schools in the Binghamton area.

According to Good Call, a company which crunches data to give people the "knowledge, tools, and tips" needed to make a "Good Call," Binghamton has ranked 79th on a list of the top 100 cities in the United States for school teachers.

How did Good Call come to this conclusion? Their analysts looked at 689 cities and then ranked those cities based on job availability, comparative salary, and the cost of living. According to Good Call, the average teacher in Binghamton makes $59,520 per year.

The rank of number one best city for school teachers went to Bentonville, Arkansas which has a population of 44,503 and where the average teacher makes $54,849. The 100th spot went to Belleville, Illinois which has a population of 42,035 and where the average salary for a teacher is $54,072.

Scranton made the list at number 98 (tied with Wheaton, Illinois) where the average teacher brings in  $58,961 a year.  See the entire list in more detail here.

[via Good Call]

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