Brunch is not just a meal, it is now a lifestyle. Putting on your Sunday best is not only for church anymore, its now for unlimited mimosas and crazy breakfast creations.

Brunch has taken on a new life, and The Colonial, 56-58 Court St. Binghamton, is leading the charge.

I love giant food concoctions. Man vs. Food was a genius show, and I would find myself sitting on my couch envying the man battling the food.

The Colonial has unleashed the Godzilla of morning munchies on Downtown Binghamton. Their new giant bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich sits upon a custom made everything bagel, the king of bagels.

The gluttony doesn't end there. The Colonial then fills in the bagel hole with a collection of crispy potatoes.

This King Kong of breakfast sandwiches feeds 10-14 people according to The Colonial's Facebook and is available for their brunch on Saturdays and Sundays. People wishing to the tame the beast must pre-order this bad boy by 5pm the prior Thursday before their brunch experience.

So grab a bunch of your friends, or hungry acquaintances, indulge in some unlimited mimosas, and try to slay the dragon of breakfast sandwiches.

If this monstrous mouthful isn't for you, I suggest grabbing The Colonial's Brunch Burger. I can argue it is a top burger in the area.

Check out The Colonial's menu here.


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