I'm sure everyone in the Triple Cities area has a beef with a certain intersection, roadway, street, underpass, traffic light, or whatever it may be concerning travels through the area.

I have a few. Most involve the timing of some traffic lights. There's one at the intersection of Allen Street and Main Street Johnson City. If you are attempting to make a left from Allen Street to head west on Main Street Johnson City, expect to be there a while.

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I haven't counted the time, but it's longer than it should be in my opinion, but what really irks me is the fact that when the light turns green, it lasts at most, five seconds. What is the logic of a five-second window before the light turns red again? Can someone enlighten me? Maybe there's some logical reason I just can't figure out.

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Another challenge to getting out of Downton Binghamton is from State Street to Front Street, via Court Street. Timing at State and Court is fine, but then you have the Washington Street light that changes much quicker than I think needs to, and it backs up traffic during drive times into the intersection.

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And then, there's the light at Water Street and Court Street. I think it stays green for somewhere between 10 and 15 seconds. Is there really more traffic coming from Water Street versus Court Street to make this uneven light change logical? Again, maybe I'm not understanding the bigger picture.

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Finally, there's another issue I have that I think can be dangerous. It's that short connecting road between Watson Boulevard and Route 17C between Westover and Endwell that goes under the railroad tracks.

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I can't count the times a vehicle has popped up from the underpass and almost collided with my vehicle. Yes, the sign says 'yield', but I think it should say 'stop.' Just this past week a motorist zipped through the underpass with no intention of yielding to my vehicle onto Route 17C, I assume for the benefit of being ahead of me, not behind. What's the purpose of that? Well, I didn't allow that to happen and that motorist had to yield as the sign says and wait for me to pass.

What Triple Cities area merges, intersections, and traffic lights raise your blood pressure?

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