When the power goes out in your house, you realize just how much you depend on it. But the most frustrating part can be not knowing how long you will be without it.

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There are new penalties that power and utility companies face when there is an extended outage in New York State.

According to reports, legislation, which hasn't been formally drafted, would increase penalties for companies who don't follow emergency response and restoration plans. Right now, how much they can be fined is capped at a certain total.

“The abuse of the utilities has to end,” Cuomo said. “They are not too big to fail. They’re not going to bully consumers. It’s over.”

We have been trying to get out home prepared for just about anything. From a wood stove for heat to a generator for power, we are planning ahead. It seems that the power goes out more frequently lately. The winds of the winter months are typically stronger and it is common for the light to flicker in our house. With three little kids in the house, I can't let the house get too cold. Having a backup power plan is a must.

The COVID pandemic also taught us to have supplies in the house as well. From food to formula for the baby and yes, even toilet paper, having extra stock never hurts.

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