There's absolutely nothing more frustrating than spending countless hours going over your resume with a fine tooth comb to make sure that it's nothing less than perfect and then not getting a single call for jobs you've applied to.

If boasting about your professional successes and skills on your resume doesn't get you noticed, the maybe doing the complete opposite will work. It did for Jeff Scardino.

Scardino was qualified for all ten of the job he applied to, but he received only one response, but no interview request. So he got creative and made a new resume, only this time, instead of listing his successes and skills, he listed his failures and shortcomings. He even attached the names and numbers of former colleagues who would provide bad references and then he sent that resume to the same companies he'd applied to previously.

Get this...Scardino's twisted logic worked. His "relevant resume," as he calls it, got his eight responses and five requests for an interview.