I'm not going to even claim that I'm the best driver because I know that I'm not and I'm not going to boast that I've never been in an accident or pulled over because that would no doubt jinx me, but what I will claim is that the Safest States Driving List is baloney.

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Edwards Kirby Attorneys at Law commissioned a study to find out what states had the safest and the least safe drivers and say they came to their conclusion about the safest drivers based on the following data:

  • Number of Licensed Drivers Per Capita
  • Number of Licensed Drivers Between the Ages of 16-19 Per Capita
  • Number of Motor Vehicle Fatalities Per Capita
    Number of Serious Motor Vehicle Injuries Per Capita
  • Number of DUIs Per Capita, Average Daily Traffic Per Lane
  • Average Annual Precipitation, Highest Posted Speed Limit Greater Than or Equal to 70 mph
  • Statewide Texting While Driving Ban for All Drivers While Operating a Vehicle

With all of that information, Edwards Kirby claims that the worst drivers are Alabama wins the number one spot as the most dangerous state for drivers. Out of the 20 most dangerous states for drivers, none of them were Sothern states where there are high numbers of "young drivers, motor vehicle fatalities, and DUIs across the board."

Where is the safest place for you and me to be being the wheel? Hold on to your hat because if you've ever been here, you won't believe it for a second. The answer is... Washington, D.C. I know, right?!?

New York took second place as the safest state to drive in which is even more mind-boggling. How did Pennsylvania make out? Our friends in PA landed at number 15 on the safest driving states list. But, can we go back to New York? How?

Apparently, much used public transportation was a factor in making New York so safe. Also, New York has "low numbers of young drivers, accident fatality rates, and DUIs."

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