Back in August the crew of American Pickers were in town looking for treasures and the episode featuring their hunt will air Wednesday night.

WICZ says there were 27 people interviewed locally to be part of the show and chosen were Ron and Nikki Striss, owners of Showtime Costumes in Binghamton who also have a barn filled with vintage things. Rumor has it some of the stuff the pickers were interested in included an old derby car, a Victorian clothing rack, toys, old mesh masks, swords, spears, and helmets.

"Oh my goodness, everywhere we go people say I heard the pickers were there, I heard the pickers were at your place. We went to Bainbridge and she said the pickers were there and I said what? How do you know? She said everybody has been talking about it," said Nikki Striss the Co-Owner of Showtime Costumes.

The Binghamton episode of American Pickers airs Wednesday at 9pm on the History Channel.

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