Although the entire state of California is currently percolating under an official quarantine, there's still a bright spot: It's still Hollywood Week on American Idol! On Sunday (Mar. 22), contestants paired up to show off their mettle in duets, rather than (considerably less pressure) group rounds. Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie were, of course, on hand to determine who would make the cut.

One pairing that caught a good bit of the broadcast was that of Peyton Aldridge and Madison Paige, whose duet got off to a...shall we say, greasy, start.

When asked by show advisor Bobby Bones, "What happened here?" to Paige, who showed up to rehearsals alone with no Aldridge in sight, Paige expressed frustration. "I can't find my partner. Like, he has not been up here. Not being able to find Peyton really bothers me. Not having someone here to practice when we need to be practicing."

Paige went ahead and chose a song on her own, without Aldridge's input ("Don’t You Wanna Stay," by Jason Aldean with Kelly Clarkson). Bones went ahead and tracked down Aldridge, who as it turned out was at his hotel tending to his own needs.

"I've been in my room eating chicken wings," he explained his absence. "I went to the store and got some chicken wings. I was very hungry. I'm not used to all this cauliflower." He added that he was "pissed" because there was no ranch dressing to go along with his snack.

To make it worse, Aldridge seemed to have gotten the chicken wings at a gas station. "You don't go to a gas station for wings," noted Paige, in exasperation. "I don't know where you're from, but in Mississippi you do," countered Aldridge. "Best fried chicken there is." Whether this is true in California as well is up for debate, but at any rate, the two settled down to rehearse the heartfelt ballad.

When it came time to present before the judges, the pair (who decided, aptly enough, to call themselves the "Chicken Wings") were still not smooth sailing, and Aldridge ended up apologizing to Paige for not being up to scratch. He even asked the judges to consider her preparation in its own sphere, aside from his own shortcomings.

Nothing much to worry about: As judge Richie assured them, "We're very touched by your humility, your honesty. So my fellow judges and I have decided to give you a second chance. You're both going through."

American Idol airs on Sundays (and select Mondays) at 8 PM ET.

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