You had a great Labor Day Weekend. Maybe it was a little too great and now you need an excuse to turn the three day weekend into a four day one. You need an excuse but it can't be any old excuse because the boss will know if you're lying.

Here's some excuses that have been used.....but I wouldn't advise that you use them.

You were stuck under the bed. My question would be: Was it your bed at home or someone else's

His wife found out he was cheating so he had to spend the day retrieving his stuff from the dumpster. I wonder if this is the same person that used the previous excuse?

You broke your arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich. Before I got older, I would have thought this to be ridiculous, but recently I pulled something in my back when I was reaching for the shampoo, so I know that this could happen.

You were going to the beach because the doctor said that you needed more Vitamin D. My response: Take the whole week, in fact take all the time you want because you don't need to worry about coming back here.......ever.

So what's the best excuse that you've given? Bosses, what is the best one you've gotten?



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