An avocado is the hottest food out there. From avocado toast, to some delicious guacamole, to adding an avocado to your daily smoothie. It is considered a super food. I was never aware there was such thing as a "good fat" but the avocado has proven me wrong.

I love the creamy goodness of this green egg-shaped delicacy. it's rise in popularity has causes shortages and even price hikes in recent months.


A big, lavish, well coordinate proposal is all the rage these days amongst millenials. It also just so happens that avocados are extremely popular amongst millenials. So why not combine the two.

There is now a trend online under #AvocadoProposal. This basically where the person proposing picks out the perfect ring AND avocado. In lieu of the traditional ring box, the person being proposed to is present a ring in a hollowed out avocado.

There are a few genius things about this: 1. It is extremely original 2. Your proposal may go viral 3. You have a delicious treat to share with your loved one as soon as you are engaged.

I see no fault in proposing with an avocado! Everybody wins.


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