Teaching your kids that 911 is the number you call if there ever is a problem is great. I would rephrase it though. Let's figure out how to structure the definition of emergency so a two year old knows when it's ok to call. This was a cute situation anyway! The sheriff's department in Greenville County, South Carolina received a 911 call on Wednesday from a 2 year old girl and sent Deputy Martha Lohnes to the house to check on her. The adorable little girl's emergency was, she was having trouble putting on her pants!

A parent was home, but she didn't ask them, and they had no idea she'd called 911.

Deputy Lohnes took care of the emergency, and helped the toddler pull up her pants. Then the girl asked for a hug, which Martha said was the best part of her shift.

Now usually police and fire personnel get a little upset at the misuse of emergency services and cite the involved party with an appearance ticket. In this case, that adorable little girl is not going to be charged with misusing 911.

[Via: ABC News]