It was a trip to the slammer nearly a century in the making.

A woman in the Netherlands who's nearly 100 years old notched one of the more unusual items off her bucket list recently by getting arrested.

The police department in the town of Nijmegen-Zuid provided some really civic service by agreeing to cuff the lady and haul her downtown before posting some of the photos of the delighted woman on Facebook.

We doubt they tossed her into an interrogation room and played "good cop bad cop" while questioning her about where she was on the night of the 17th, but the point was probably still made.

The woman is not the first to get arrested to make a dream come true. A 102-year-old woman in St. Louis was also arrested to fulfill a bucket list item. There must be something about getting old that makes you want to do things you don't want to when you're younger because, besides having cuffs slapped on, this 91-year-old checked an odd item off when he backed his car out of a closed garage.

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