Many of us are fans of the social media app, Instagram. We follow friends, family, celebrities, maybe even some fitness inspiration-  there are Instagram accounts for everything! Well, as a huge fan of Instagram, I have found myself hysterically laughing while scrolling through my feed and it's because of the hilarious accounts I follow. I've gone through my Instagram and compiled a list of what I believe to be the funniest accounts. I urge you to check them out and see how hard you laugh next time you're catching up!

1. @whymykidwascrying

This completely real account features young kids or babies crying for the many, silly reasons children cry. Give this account a look and see for yourself how funny it is! You can even submit your own!

2. @baddiewinkle

This Instagram account features a hilarious granny doing things no other granny has done! She is one of kind, so funny, and still the cutest little old lady ever!

3. @miserable_men

Most men will definitely be able to relate to this account and most women will find it to be a hilarious truth! This account features pictures of men who were forced to go shopping. You will not be disappointed.

4. @cashcats

It's really very simple. Pictures of cats with tons of cash. Cute, unrealistic, and some of the funniest pictures you'll ever come across.

5. @passengershaming

Embarrassing photos taken by flight attendants and fellow passengers doing incredibly disgusting things. It's also probably the last Instagram account you'd want to be featured on!

6.  @textsfromyourex

While this account can be a little inappropriate at times, it is a hilarious compilation of the conversations that some people have with their ex's. Another account you may not like to see yourself featured on!

Photo: zaniman

These are some of the more entertaining Instagram accounts that I follow and I urge you to give them a look-see of your own! Got any hilarious accounts that aren't in this list? Let us know!