For many autumn is a favorite season in the Southern Tier.  I must admit, getting those donuts and fresh pressed cider at the new Regional Farmer's Market in Binghamton or Cider Mill, picking apples right off the tree at a Southern Tier apple farm and carving that pumpkin you grew in the garden all summer, are all things to look forward to.

With autumn being only weeks away, now is the time to start making plans for the best fall ever.  Here are some things that may prove to be helpful to welcome in the cooler weather:

  • Clean up check - locate the old rake and leaf blower.  Leaves are expected to fall earlier this year due to a predicted "early winter" and possible early snowfall, according to the Farmer's Almanac anyway.
  • Look up - now is the time to inspect and clean gutters and downspouts, also look for any roof issues before they become major winter problems that will end up cost you more later.
  • The heat is on - clean and replace any dirty furnace filters and do a chimney or wood/pellet stove inspect. Replace the battery in your smoke and CO monitors.
  • Seal it up -  weather strip those windows and doors as soon as you can. Many people wait for clocks to turn which is coming up the first Sunday in November.
  • Can and freeze - now is the time to fill the freezer with those summer tomatoes and veggies. Keep your eyes open for sale prices on Ball jars and supplies all over the Southern Tier at smaller hardware stores and food stores. It's a lot of work but come January, you will look back on it as well worth it.