When most people think about beer, they just think about drinking with it. But it turns out that beer is more than just a drink, it's actually pretty versatile and you might be surprised to learn some of the things you can do with beer.

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    Wash Your Hair

    I've never tried this, but my mom swears by it. As a matter of fact, one of my mom's friends just cleaned out their basement and found a bunch of old beer which they gave to her for the sole purpose of washing her hair. Beer is good for your hair because it has a protein that strengthens it. Not only that, beer also has a low pH and is a mild astringent and that means it'll help keep your hair clean.

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    Sleep Aid

    Well, duh. Everyone knows that if you drink enough beer, you'll pass out. But we're not talking about drinking beer. We're talking about using it in the wash. When you’re washing your sheets and pillowcases, pour a little beer into the washer. The smell alone acts as a sedative.

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    We're several months away from spring, but you'll want to memory bank this. If your yard is infested with slugs, pour some beer in a shallow dish and leave it out overnight. Slugs are attracted to beer, just like we are.

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    Restore Beauty to Furniture

    DIY stuff is all the rage right now, so you might have heard of this, but in case not- flat beer does a really great job of restoring shine to wood furniture. The trick though is waiting for the beer to go completely flat. Put a little flat beer on a soft towel and wipe down your furniture. Easy as that.

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    Polish Metal

    Is your kitchen faucet looking dull? You could break out the can of who-knows-what chemicals, or you can use some beer. Beer is great because it helps remove tarnish, so pour a little beer on a rag and apply some elbow grease and you'll be good to go!

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