If you take a second to actually stop and look around Binghamton, you’ll see positive transformations happening all over our town.

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For so many years, Binghamton has been hated on and hard. The once-booming local business industry went into a sharp decline, and our neighborhoods soon followed. Add to that devastation from floods and it's easy to understand why people have had a sour taste in their mouths about Binghamton. But, things are changing in a pretty massive way.

Binghamton neighborhoods are rebuilding and downtown is growing and beautifying. People are joining forces to put a foot down to crime. Sure, Binghamton might not be the industrial hub we once were. Still, we are emerging as a healthcare and education-focused city and the negative mentality about this area is starting to change. People are slowly beginning to realize that living in and around Binghamton isn't so bad after all and all of the new businesses Downtown are making it a must-visit destination!

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