It's kind of funny how a trip of less than 5 miles south on Interstate 81, 86 or Pennsylvania Avenue can transport a traveler into a whole different world.

Northeast Pennsylvania is more than a geographic location. In many ways, it's a whole 'nother world, one the locals proudly call "NEPa." (Pronounced: NEE-pah)

My mother, from Laceyville, Pa., used to comment that, unlike New York, if a farmer said, "that's my rock" they built the road around it.  The humor had little consolation for a child turning green with car-sickness in the backseat of a Plymouth driving on winding, bumpy, dusty NEPa roads.

Having a "seasonal" residence in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania for six months of the year for several years now has garnered a real appreciation for the charm, pace of life and history of NEPa.

Join us on a short photo journey through just some of what makes Northeast Pennsylvania, NEPa: from the Endless Mountains, sparkling waters of Lake Wallenpaupack, delicious treats made by the Amish and Mennonites and the fracking gas industry to just what is the deal with camouflage anyway? I just don't see it (get it?).

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