My husband is an open book when it comes to his feelings. Try as he may, Jay is incapable of hiding from me how he genuinely feels inside because the music he listens to reflects whatever mood he’s in at that particular time.

It wasn’t long after I told Jay he was going to be a dad that I started hearing him play and hum along to songs that were all focused on the same subject- fatherhood. My husband was excited and I was excited, too because although I never doubted for a second he'd be an amazing father, his choice of songs solidified everything.

My husband is the most romantic person I've ever met and is someone who really listens intently to song lyrics. As a matter of fact, his favorite song to sing to our little boy is "Die a Happy Man" by Thomas Rhett. Jay has been calling every night from work for more than two years just to sing that song to help tuck in John for the night. Seriously sweet, right?

If your dad or husband has a big heart and you're you’re still trying to figure out the perfect something special to give to him for Father’s Day this year (it’s this Sunday, by the way) what about digging up old photos of the two of you or of the kids, scanning them into your computer and making a digital home video for dad, using one or more of these songs as the soundtrack?