I absolutely believe that birthdays should be celebrated and celebrated in the grandest of ways. Whether or not you agree with the whole grand thing, you'll definitely agree that any time we can get something for free, it's a pretty awesome day! Here are 12 things that you and I can look forward to getting for free when our birthday rolls around.

  • 1

    Pastry at Panera

    When you sign up for My Panera (it's free), they'll hook you up with a delicious and free pastry on your birthday.

  • 2

    Burger at Red Robin

    Yum! This might just be my favorite birthday freebie! Until we got a Red Robin locally, my husband and I would often travel as far as an hour away to celebrate our birthdays with a free burger. Now, it's just a quick drive to the Vestal Parkway. Join Red Robin Royalty and on your birthday, you can pick one of over 24 burgers to enjoy for free.

  • 3

    Pancakes at iHop

    At iHop, they love to give away free food. Join the Pancake Revolution and they'll send you a coupon for something free just for signing up. But that's not all. iHop will also send you an offer for something free every year on the anniversary of the day you signed up and on your birthday!

  • 4

    Pretzel at Auntie Anne's

    Sign up for Auntie Anne's My Pretzel Perks and you'll be able to enjoy a free pretzel on your birthday at the.

  • 5

    Burrito from Moes

    A free birthday burrito? Yes, please! Join Moe's Rockin' Rewards and you'll get a burrito for free on the day of your birth.

  • 6

    BYO Grand Slam at Denny's

    Simply show up at Denny's on your birthday with your ID and they'll hook you up with a free Build-Your-Own Grand Slam.

  • 7

    Free Movie from Redbox

    Pop some popcorn, slip into something comfy, and curl up on the couch because when your birthday rolls around, members of Redbox's Play Pass will receive a code for a free movie rental!

  • 8

    Handmade Drink at Starbucks

    Join Starbucks Rewards and on your birthday, they'll give you a handmade drink absolutely free.

  • 9

    Cinnamon Roll at Cinnabon

    If you love the ooey, gooey goodness that is Cinnabon, subscribe to Club Cinnabon for free treats.

  • 10

    Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

    If you love Dunkin Donuts, coffee, and things that are free, sign up now for DD Perks and you'll get all three on your birthday!

  • 11

    Free Food at Ruby Tuesday

    When you join So Connected at Ruby Tuesday, you'll get a coupon for a free appetizer and then on your birthday, you'll get another free coupon for a burger or a garden bar entree.

  • 12

    CreamSlush, Tater Tots, or Drink from Sonic

    Become a member of My Sonic and when your birthday rolls around, you'll be able to pick whether you want a free CreamSlush, tater tots, or a drink.