I’m not sure if it’s possible to love a band more than I love the Zac Brown Band.  I love their sound, I love their lyrics, I love their music videos and I love their hearts.

Zac Brown is in the process of creating a line of food products that’ll pretty much mimic the Paul Newman brand, Newman’s Own, which as you probably know donates all of its proceeds to charity.  Zac’s proceeds will go to his Camp Southern Ground for disabled kids.

We’re working on it with the exact same model because all of [the proceeds of] our manufactured food and everything that we’re gonna put up will go to [Camp Southern Ground].”

Zac is a big fan of the Newman’s Own business model and says,

What they’ve done with that has been unbelievable as a charitable functioning business.  And the quality of everything that they make is great.  And the volume of it, it provides a lot of opportunity.”

I hope Zac is able to launch this because I think it’s such a fantastic way to give back and make a difference in the lives of others.