My sister is having another baby this fall and I'm secretly hoping she has a boy because if so, she plans on doing up his room all things John Deere, including making him a tractor bunk bed. 

My niece Kayleigh has a tiny princess bed and I've had several smushed up sleepovers with her on it.  The tractor bed would be so much more comfortable. Especially if the new baby is like Kayleigh and has little feet that love to find a person's ribcage and then kick all through the night.

If you're thinking maybe you'd love to make your kid his or her own tractor bed, first you'll need to make the actual bunk bed and Wood Gears has what looks like really simple to follow plans. You can find them here.There are a few modifications you'll need to make like Shaun Bennett did when he made this tractor bed for his son, but after following the plans and picking up a couple cans of paint, your tractor bed should be able to talk on a life of it's own.

The bed in the picture at the top of this page was made by the husband of Jennifer from the Rucker Rendezvous.  I wouldn't mind borrowing him for a couple hours.  He's got some really nice woodworking skills.

I'm thinking even if my sister has another girl, this bed would look cute in pink.  Don't you?