Hey, it happens sometimes. Weddings get called off and the sad couple is left with lots of debt and hundreds of tulle wrapped  Jordan almonds and butter mints.

I read an insane story about a couple who spent $12,000 on a wedding that didn't happen. Gasp!  I'd so not want to be that bride's dad!  I've worked with a lot of wedding professionals over the years and I can tell you that most have contracts that hold people to them even if the big day is called off.

So let's just say things don't work out with you and prince charming.  Let's say you're stuck with 85 candelabras and 300 silver plates. What now?  A big garage sale?  Gift them to friends and family for the next 20 years?

I like the way Lauren Bryne thinks.  Lauren saw how much money one of her friends lost when their wedding fell through last year and came up with a genius idea-create a website that buys and sells weddings.  Like the whole thing.  The dress, the shoes, the candelabras, the location, the whole shebang. Bridal Brokerage started small and has exploded, getting attention from places like The Knot, The New York Times and more. I'm so  jealous that I never thought of something like this!

I think the concept is pretty awesome because if you've ever called off a wedding, you know how quickly you can find yourself in a financial hole surrounded by boxes of wedding favors and if you're planning a wedding, you know how fast the costs can add up. With the economy the way it is, I think we're all trying to save a couple bucks.  If I were getting married, this is something I'd definitely think about. I saw a wedding that a couple planned in Virginia Beach up for sale.  The couple shelled out $15,000 for the venue, decorations, photographer- the whole thing and now all of that is on sale for $11,000.  A dream wedding on the beach with a savings of 4 grand?  Yes please!

So, if you’re looking to pull off a wedding on the cheap or if things didn’t exactly work out for you and you’re looking to unload the stuff you bought, it can't hurt to check out Bridal Brokerage.  Hey- you might save a couple bucks in the end, or even better, get back some of the money you spent on the day that didn't happen.