Have you ever had your lunch stolen? You know you put the darn thing in the community fridge and poof it's gone. You wrote your name on it the next day and... poof it's gone. GRRR!

"According to a new survey, one in 12 people say they've stolen a co-worker's lunch from the fridge at work. 4.6% of people say they've only stolen other people's lunches a few times because they, quote, "couldn't resist."  But 3.6% of people say they REGULARLY steal their co-workers' lunches.--The survey also found that about 50% of people usually take a half-hour lunch break, 20% take 15 minutes, 17%take a full hour, and 13% take as long as they can get away with." (New Zealand Herald)


I will be making sandwiches that contain a high concentration Super Colon Blow and leaving them in the baggie tomorrow. Good Luck THIEF!