Think about it- if you came face to face with a thief who snatched your wallet, there’s probably one thing you’d do. You’d run like all get out and then call the cops. Not Jessica Eaves. What this woman did will amaze you.

Jessica Eaves is a mom to four kids and was out grocery shopping earlier when her wallet was snatched. As she stood looking at the man, Jessica told the Huffington Post that a piece of scripture from the book of Luke came to her which basically says if someone takes your cloak, you should give them your shirt as well.

But Jessica wasn’t going to just turn over her wallet and be okay with it. Instead she approached the man and calmly told him she believed he had something that belonged to her. She told the man that if he gave her back her wallet, she’d forgive him and take him to the front of the store and pay for his groceries.

Before Jessica could give the man his other option, he reached in his pocket and gave it back to her. The man began to cry and kept apologizing and telling Jessica that he was so sorry and embarrassed.

Jessica consoled the man by telling him that she makes mistakes every day, but in the eyes of Jesus, no one person is better than another.

Jessica paid for the man’s groceries which totaled $27, which was almost all the money she had in her wallet. Jessica said that she never carries cash, but that day she had a little in her wallet and believes that "Christ played that moment."