Many people are getting ready for Halloween by decorating their house inside and out. For some, the decorations are reasonable and some people... take it too far.There's a place around the corner that covers the front part of their place with a big tarp. You walk on the front porch and then go in front of it. If you survive, you can have larvae... or a candy treat. Tara and I look forward to going there every year. They don't over do it, but here are signs that you might be.

5) You spend more on Halloween than your wedding... The treat for Halloween is usually worth it and both can be scary.

4) People refuse to walk into your house at night.

3) People refuse to walk into your house in broad daylight.

2) You scare other family members or neighbors on a regular basis... without meaning to.

1) You see haunt possibilities with every road kill you cause... I mean road kill you see.

Have a Bootiful week and Happy Hauntoween!