The Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park is providing a viewing monitor for the newly born river otters. This will let visitors see them from behind the scenes as they start playing around.

The month and a half old otters are starting to open their eyes and move around. They’re learning to crawl and in a couple more weeks will be even more active. Elaine (their mother) checks up on them frequently and is still protective over her nest. She has become more relaxed and is eager to get back with Leroy (the father.)

A camera is set up in the otter holding area where Elaine and the pups have nested. When the otters leave their nesting box, visitors will be able to see them move around inside their main room.  The viewing monitor is stationed on the top floor of the Woodland Waters building at the otter overlook.

The three pups have officially been named. It's Arya, Edgar, and Ottawa. The names were chosen by zoo staff from the 1,600 entries submitted. The winners have been notified and will have the chance for a meet and greet when the otters become more independent from their mother.

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