Whether it’s the Barbie dream houses and plastic dinosaurs of our past or the iPads and video games of our present, kids’ birthday lists are and always have been nothing short of lengthy. But in the case of 5-year-old Danny Nickerson of Massachusetts, opening anything aside from the card won’t be necessary for his upcoming sixth birthday this Friday, July 25th.

Having been diagnosed with an inoperable and chemotherapy-resistant brain tumor this past October, Danny has since stopped attending kindergarten in favor of bi-weekly chemo therapy visits.

In the midst of his treatment and days spent at home, Danny has found comfort in the form of hand-written cards from family and friends, making a box of birthday cards his only birthday wish this year.

Doctors have told Danny’s mother, Carley Nickerson that less than 10 percent of children diagnosed with this type of cancer live longer than 18 months, but the Nickerson’s are holding out hope and so are all of us here at the Hawk.

“I don’t really believe in that. He is doing great,” Nickerson told ABC News. “Every day is a blessing for us.”

In honor of this amazing little boy’s wish, we’re rallying the troops here at The Hawk. Danny’s birthday is coming up fast and we want to fill his mailbox with love and blessings from folks who’ve never had the pleasure of knowing him, but know how important a birthday can really be.

If you want to give Danny a happy birthday this year, you can send him a card at: Danny Nickerson, P.O. Box 212, Foxboro, MA, 02035.

P.S. Danny’s mom also mentioned that he loves Lego and Super Mario.