So, you probably remember me sounding off about meteors and 209P-Linear and how awesome looking it could be... All because I'm kind of sky gazing geek. However it is really apparent to most of you that i am a radio geek as well! Did you know you can listen to the meteors on the radio? YEP! They will leave behind them on their way by an ionized trail that will reflect radio waves. It's been called "skip" or 'forward scatter' you have heard it from time to time if you listen to AM broadcasts that drift in and out. Sometimes you can hear radio stations from states away just because the transmission is "skipping" off ions in the clouds.

Credit: Rich Birdsall drew this.

If you want to feast your ears on the meteors your best bet will be to find an FM channel that has nothing on it. I'd tune really low, most radios should be able to pick up 87.9, try starting there and scanning up to  90.1, 90.9 and 91.7. If you can pick the scatter up, you'll hear bits and pieces of TV, FM an AM showering your boombox with clicks pops whistles and buzzes.