I'm probably the only adult in the entire universe who cried while watching the Hannah Montana Movie.  You're probably thinking "um, why is a grown woman with no kids watching Hannah Montana?" The answer is simple- the Disney Channel is my escape. My head is so filled with so much adult stuff all day every day and sometimes when it's getting to be a little much, I turn on the Disney Channel to forget life for a little while.

So anyway, in between wiping my eyes and blowing my nose with tissues while watching Hannah Montana, I got to thinking.  I was thinking about how hard it must be to be a celebrity.  There's got to be so much pressure and celebs have to watch everything they do, say and think because even the most innocent of comments can lead to backlash. I've run into some of that myself- people have taken things I've said with an innocent heart and turned it into something it wasn't meant to be and I'm not even a celebrity- I'm just an ordinary girl with a pretty cool job.

If I had to pick, I'd much rather be the best friend of a celebrity than to be a celebrity.  I like that I can go out to dinner without cameras being shoved in my face.  I like that I can go to the grocery store with my hair pulled back in sweats and nobody scoffs at me.  On the other hand, being the best friend to a celeb would be pretty neat because I'd get to be myself, but they might let me tag along to cool events. And I could be their hideaway planner.  When they need a break, they could hideout at my place and nobody would bother them.

If you were forced to pick, which would you rather (comment below!) and why?