I love bacon, that’s no secret.  I’ve shared with you my recipes for deep fried bacon wrapped pickles, warm bacon salad dressing and bacon wrapped asparagus, but this is one bacon thing I’ve never seen before and it intrigues me.

There’s a place in New York City called Baconry and as the name suggestion, they sell baked goods combined with bacon (have you ever had a maple donut with maple glaze and bacon on the top? Ahhhhhh, bliss!), but a new treat is kicking things up several notches.

This sounds so indulgent and sort of naughty. Baconry is now selling something called 23 Karat Chocolate Bacon (hey- don’t knock chocolate covered bacon until you’ve tried it- the combo of sweet and salty is divine!).  The 23 Karat Chocolate bacon consists of strips of bacon dipped in chocolate and then sprinkled with edible gold flakes.  Interested in trying 23 Karat Chocolate Bacon, but worried it’ll make your wallet weep? Well, you're probably right. Prices start at $40 for a single piece and go to $200 for 6 pieces. There go my dreams of trying this deliciousness because there's no way in my right mind I would pay $40 for a single piece of bacon. Can you see me pouting right now?  I am.

Ps. Just want to remind you that although bacon is delicious and cures a crummy day, it should be eaten in moderation.