Ready for the World Cup’s #WW3? That's the hashtag that's trending as the USA team gets ready for it's battle against Germany today at noon. They need a win or tie to advance to the field of 16. Many will take long lunches or a half day to watch the game. Here's how you know you have World Cup fever:

5) It's how you explain why you bit your co-worker on the shoulder.

4) When the kids fight, you give them a yellow card.

3) When you throw something away in the garbage, you shout "Goooooooooooal."

2) You're starting to think that in World cup soccer, it's less about wearing a mouth guard but more about wearing shoulder protection.

1) You think that Luis Suarez is a great player but he's got to lay off the Italian food. By the way when Luis got back to his hotel, his wife asked him where he would like to go for dinner, he said that he wasn't hungry because he ate at work.

Good luck today and GO USA, USA, USA.