Labor Day is pretty much the last hurrah of summer. Once Labor Day passes, kids not already in school start going back, the weather begins to cool, and most of us start the process of hibernating for the winter.

Red Bull polled a bunch of people and the results made one thing perfectly clear- your work is about to suffer because of Labor Day and your Labor Day is about to suffer because of work.

No surprise, 48% of people in the United States admit that their productivity goes way, way down right before a long holiday weekend which pretty much means that you and your co-workers are about to start mentally shutting down because Labor Day is coming.

However, we don't get the last laugh. Nope, our work does. How?  According to PR Newswire, another survey found that the average person will get slapped by a sinking feeling around 4pm on Labor Day when the reality hits that we have to go back to work the next day.

11% of people are either terrified that their boss would find out they took the survey, or they legitimately have no life because they said they stay happy until 7pm on a day off. Yeah, okay.