Merriam-Webster announced that they're adding the word "sheeple" to the dictionary. It stands for “people who are docile, compliant or easily influenced.” Does that word bother you? How about the phrase "Throwing Shade?" It has nothing to do with sitting under a tree.

Snowflake has also taken on a completely different meaning too. It isn't talking about the gentle white stuff falling onto the ground during the winter.

Here's are some words and phrases you should avoid:

Don't start a sentence with the phrase, "Well, my therapist says..." I also think, "Well, my former cellmate said...", should be avoided too.

Don't call anyone you've ever dated 'crazy'. Although if you've never dated anyone that was "crazy" then maybe it's you.

Don't ask anything too personal about them, no matter how curious you are. For example, "What’s wrong with you?"

Don't use a coupon. I say bring a coupon with you. If it doesn't look like there will be a 2nd date or you don't want another one then you might as well save some money. Who knows she might find frugalness (my word that might bug you) appealing...I doubt it though.

I can't tell you what to do but I certainly can tell you what not to do. Remember this is worth what you paid for it.