I’m at that point where even though I just had my hair cut and colored, I’m bored with it and wishing for a change. I wish I could go back to my dark brown natural color, but I’ve got too much gray so I have to stay blonde.  Sigh.

If you’re like me and get restless and like to change up your hair all the time, you’re not alone.

I just read a new study that says the average woman will change her hairstyle about 150 times in her life and I believe it!

Apparently, these changes in color or style are usually connected to a major life event - think birthday or break-up, but they can also be influenced by celebrity trends. And what’s also interesting is that of the number one reason the over 2,000 women surveyed gave as the reason for changing their hairstyle, boredom took the top spot. Getting married or attending a wedding and having a baby were also in the top 3.

Source: Today