You might remember that yesterday I told you about 84 year old Gloria Mackenzie of Florida won the historical $590 million Powerball jackpot because someone let her step in front of them in line.

That someone who was kind enough to let Gloria in front of her in line is a 34 year old mom of two named Mindy Crandell.  Mindy let Gloria cut in front of her at a Publix grocery store where the lottery ticket was sold, potentially causing her to lose out on purchasing the winning ticket, but Mindy isn’t bitter at all.

Mindy was waiting in line to buy Powerball tickets with her 10-year-old daughter when she noticed Mackenzie had stepped in front of her.  Mindy says she didn’t pay a lot of mind to it and when the checkout clerk stopped the elderly woman, Mindy allowed her to go ahead.

Little did Mindy know that small act of kindness would cost her big bucks.

Despite it all, Mindy feels she did the right thing by setting a good example for her daughter and doesn’t regret her actions.

In her words, “Sometimes it's better to be patient than right.”