I can understand doing this as a last minute “I have to save my life” tactic if lost in the woods or something, but there’s a woman in England who claims drinking a pint of her own urine every day has kept her healthy and youthful.

Sylvia Chandler  has been guzzling her own urine for the last 20 years and claims she hasn’t needed to visit a doctor in over a decade.

“Drinking my own urine has kept me healthy and energized,” she says. “And it helps me stay young- men are often surprised when I tell them my age.”

She says it “tastes delicious - it's a bit like water, but sweeter.” She also uses her urine to wash her hair and moisturize her face!

She might think she looks young, but I’m guessing she doesn’t smell all that great.

I got curious, so I did a little digging around to see if drinking urine is safe and I can tell you this, the United States doesn't think it's a good idea and lists it on its "Do NOT drink" list, stating in its Field Manual that it "contains harmful body wastes" and that it is "about 2 percent salt." Several other resources seem to agree, all indicating that it will increase your rate of dehydration.