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I think it’s a VERY cool move when someone shaves their head to support a friend or family member with cancer who's going through chemo, but what’s not cool is when it turns out like this.

Melanie Strandberg of Spokane, Washington is a hairstylist.  Her younger sister Marisa has cervical cancer and is going through chemo and so to show her support, Melanie shaved her head. Really sweet, right?

Well, last Thursday, Melanie showed up to the salon where she works and they harassed her to the point she resigned that very day. Apparently the management told her she had to wear a WIG since a bald hairstylist might, quote, "make guests uncomfortable" and she would have trouble making any sales.

Melanie filed harassment and discrimination claims against the salon.  The owners of the casino where the salon is located say they're conducting an investigation into what happened and say Melanie can come back to her job if she wants, but I’m sure the bitter taste has already been left if Melanie’s mouth.

Source: ABC News