I can’t even imagine this happening. Like ever.  A 41-year-old woman in England gave birth to her first child just 15 hours after discovering she was pregnant!

The woman’s name is Amanda Ross and she was shopping with her man, Paul Dean when all of a sudden she started having horrible stomach cramps.  Amanda thought it was just a bad stomach ace, but she went to the doctor to get checked out and it’s a good thing she did!

The doctor informed Amanda that she was actually seven or eight months pregnant. She was sent home, (my guess is in a LOT of shock) but had to go back when her cramps didn’t go away.

Doctors performed an emergency C-section and Amanda’s daughter Chloe was born.

Amanda says “I had no idea I was expecting - there’d been no flutters, no cravings, no kicking, no morning sickness, nothing,”

Seriously, could you even fathom something like this happening to you?  I worked with a girl many years ago who became pregnant when she was a teen and didn’t know.  She thought she was just gaining weight because she still went through her monthly blessing from above (said with the utmost sarcasm) and didn’t have cravings or anything and then found out the day her daughter was born that she was with child. Unless I actually knew someone this happened to, I’m sure I’d be a doubter, but these things really do happen.