It's officially Spring Break season, which means that Florida beaches will be filled with intoxicated college students and the garbage that they produce.

One of the beaches that have always had a problem with a lot of beer cans and other types of trash being dumped on it is Smathers Beach in Key.  But last week, they had to deal with a whole new issue they’d never had to deal with before: revenge cannibalism.

20 year old Cassi Lyn Clayton was so enraged that a woman was littering on the beach that she bit the litter bug on the face!

Here’s how it all went down: Cassi Lyn saw Madison Pelfrey dumping her trash on Smathers Beach. Cassi Lyn approached Madison and got up in her face, screaming at her.

Things escalated to a physical altercation, which ended with Cassi Lyn chomping down on Madison’s right cheek.

Cassi Lyn was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery.  She was also released from custody.  So if you happen to be on Spring Break in Key West, you probably want to make sure you find a trash can and use it instead of littering.