Movie night might get a little more interesting thanks to popcorn maker, Populence who’ve teamed up with New Zealand winery, Kim Crawford, to create wine infused popcorn! That’s right- wine infused popcorn- can you imagine?!?

The wine infused popcorn will come in two flavors: Pinot Noir Chocolate Drizzle and Sauvignon Blanc Kettle and a one gallon tin will set you back about $35.

But…can you imagine curling up in your jammies with a Nicholas Sparks movie and a tin of win infused popcorn? 

Wine infused popcorn + a chick flick + me= disaster.  I can barely make it through Disney movies without bawling like a baby.  Imagine adding wine infused popcorn to the mix.  I think I'd have to pass on this stuff. How about you?

Source: GMA