It's been windy this weekend. Days like these always make my mind shift to how we could use mother nature to our advantage. How much energy could be gathered and stored for use all week from a couple of windy days? A LOT! I'm talking about wind power! You've seen the gargantuan windmills on mountaintops while travelling for a vacation. You have the option of scaling that down to something you could install in your backyard that could dramatically drop you energy bills with a smaller investment than you think! Here's how it works(please excuse my crude drawing):

Drawn and scanned by Rich Birdsall!

The whole rig can be made for under $1000.00 and can help reduce your electric bill The charge controller can be bought on ebay for $80.00 and the power inverter can be bought at the local truck stop or on amazon for about $150.00! You'll need a piece of eight inch heavy duty plastic pipe and a couple of hours of with a jig saw and a sander. You'll also want to get a motor to use as a generator. This is a fun project to do and saves you on electricity! Check out the video below to learn how to make that pipe and motor into a windmill!